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A collaboration with Florian Bergmann (code), Johannes Becker (code), Michael J. Zoidl (code), Dieter Amick (UX and photography), Ruben Oya (UX).

Zeugborgen app image - screen


In Germany, more people live in rented apartments than any other country in Europe. Zeugborgen is an ultra-lean sharing app for borrowing tools, sports equipment, and cooking utensils. Limited storage in rented apartments means owning fewer of these limited-use items. The concept was created in a one-day Design Jam.


Design Process

I worked with the team to sketch out the user experience, user journey, and wireframes. My main responsibility after this point was developing the UI, while other team members created a photo story illustrating the user journey. I worked with the Developers to create a design which is as simple as possible for development. Over the course of the Jam, our Developers were able to build a working model of the application for light usability testing.


Event – Design Jam

Design Jam is an event series that I founded at the end of 2012, based on events like Global Game Jam and hackathons.  

The event brings together multidisciplinary teams of Developers, Designers, and Entrepreneurs for one day to bring a Design Brief through to interactive prototype. The name of the game is “less talking, more making.”