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Turtlebox is a Munich-based startup company which offers a “Convenient, price-friendly, and sustainable” alternative to the conventional cardboard moving box. They deliver sturdy plastic moving boxes, and pick them up once the person (or business) has finished moving.

The team contacted me to design their website. We expanded our scope to include brand development and some large and small scale print design. I also ran lightweight testing of the product itself, with insights that translated into changes for the business.

Research Insights



I worked with the Founder and CEO of the company to develop their overall brand, and produce a simplified brand guideline with logo. They wanted to create a modern, approachable voice for those living and working in European cities, but with a clear amount of professional polish to build trust.


Further logo refinement


Based on the brand and in close collaboration with the Founder and CEO, I designed a website and payment process through sketching, iteration, and high fidelity mocks. The specs were implemented by the team’s offsite developer.

I also created a design for the “Turtlemobile”.


Moving out of the box (German)
New Munich Startup wins the Munich Environmental Prize 2013 (Press release)