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Canguide is an application for cancer patients, to assist with self-managed aspects of care.

A collaboration with Jan Barth and Jan Schlegel.

Canguide was developed while on Exchange at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, based on experiences gathered from a number of Cancer survivors. It has a variety of features which allow patients to track information and manage tasks that are essential to their health, but are not directly part of their medical care. This includes tracking of pain severity and length, times and kinds of medication taken, tracking emotional state through a diary feature and managing the preparation of appropriate meals through the recipe feature.


An understanding of the user needs was developed through a process of research, discussion and interviews with Cancer survivors. Speaking to people through online networks helped create a very open conversation. People shared memorable points of day-to-day struggle, such as feeling too tired to pick up groceries for their family, and moments of triumph, such as forming community connections with others facing similar challenges.


Based on our research, we identified points where application features might provide some support. Wireframing and card-sorting helped us narrow down the choices and refine the interface layout.


We used Fireworks to mock-up the application. A series of peer and professor reviews served as the catalyst for refining these designs. We strove to create simple, clear navigation based on a “notecard” mental model. The user can always “turn over” a “notecard” to drill down into greater detail or a more indepth feature.



A final testing mockup was built for use on the iPhone, using html, css and php. It can be viewed here.

Wireframes and concept sketching. Pages built with Fireworks and online prototype assembled with tutorial- html, css, php.