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BC Children’s App

This digital patient management system was designed for the Emergency Room at the BC Children’s Hospital.

A solo project in collaboration with BC Children’s Hospital.


This project began with user-centered research at the Emergency Department at the BC Children’s Hospital, and with patients willing to share their Emergency Room experience. We found, through extensive interviews with staff and patients, that people are unsatisfied with the existing information systems. The most clear indicator of need for a new system is the attempt that has been made to replace the existing one. This system, using computer screen interfaces in patient rooms, has been widely unused. Staff have expressed a desire for a mobile, handheld device so that a digital system can be implemented in place of the analog one.



Through documentation of the Emergency environment and storyboarding the experience, we developed a model of key needs.


In response to these insights, I designed a software concept which integrates a mobile handheld device for nurses and physicians, with a desktop application for triage specialists. This allows access patient information without disrupting the doctor-patient relationship. Research into staff and patient relationships has yielded a direction which will be more appropriate than the existing system.




User centered methods included interviews, storyboarding, persona development and paper prototyping. Screen mockups developed in Illustrator and demo developed with Flash.